This site was originally started in 2007 shortly after the FreeBSD Project took their official torrent server off-line. We originally ran on a dedicated server which ran its own tracker and a seeder. However, the Project later started up another official torrent server. So, we now run on a web host and link to official FreeBSD torrents.

Consistent with our original goals, we still create torrents for other FreeBSD-based OS's. This has led to gotBSD? being chosen as the official torrent site for the PC-BSD project. We're very proud to be associated with PC-BSD and able to contribute to its distribution.

The saga continues

Twists and turns

Sometime in late 2012 the official FreeBSD torrent tracker went dark. So, beginning with FreeBSD 9.1 we are creating and hosting torrents for FreeBSD again! Furthermore, we have recently added GhostBSD images. These are links to their own official torrents.

"gee, can I help?"

... I'm glad you asked.

You can help other people get FreeBSD! Consider being a seeder for some torrent that has a need. If you're interested in helping with long-term seeding, it may help you to join our mail list by sending an email here: <>. I'll send updates about new releases, we can coordinate our seeding, etc.